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Michael is an excellent contractor; very meticulous and detailed and does an excellent job.

Michael James is a very responsible contractor; very meticulous and detailed.  We have used him in various projects both commercial and residential. 

  • His company has handled water proofing issues for 4 of our clients that other contractors have previously failed for the same issues. All clients are happy with his work.   One of our clients had a hillside drainage and large deck, three stories high pulling the house away from its foundation and Michael was able to stabilize the situation and rebuild the deck.  This was 8 years ago and no problems to date.   
  • I know that Michael has also built from ground up million dollar homes.
  • He did my personal kitchen. 
  • On the commercial front; he handled a 6000 sf building that we purchased; replaced the foundation and sewer; Custom built the facility for Hertz; including two handicap bathrooms and ADA ramp for our tenants.  HVAC units on roof; conversion to 4 separate meters for gas and electrical; work with PG&E and our tenants. But we mapped-condo the project for 4 individual units at 1500 sf per unit. 
  • Renovated a 29 unit apartment building in Lafayette and a couple of large buildings in Oakland for us.
  • Renovated our LOH/Wellington Office.
  • Renovated a 4 unit apartment building; structural work.
  • He is a preferred contractor for our work commercial project at 388 9th Street; 100K sf commercial retail/office center; we are one of 10 joint operating owners with the City of Oakland.

 Michael has done many smaller projects $3000-75K.   All projects were timely and within our budget parameters.  When he went over bid it was because of additional work not immediately apparent; got back to us with timely supplemental bids for our approval.  Michael is at his best when he is in control and using his own crew/subs.  The process goes smoother and in a timely manner.  We have had a few clients that required their own contractors for certain scopes of the project and it caused some delays that were not the fault of MJ Construction.

- Randy Lee
Wellington Property Company




  Michael James Construction, Inc. has completed several projects for us, including building a guest house and remodeling various rooms in our house  Michael and his team are efficient, thorough, trustworthy and reliable.  Michael has a good eye for detail and ensures work of the very best quality  We would not hesitate to recomment him to our friends and family- -in fact, we have. 

- Karen Snell And Raymond McGrath
Bay Area

     Our home is over thirty years old and required replacement and upgrade of many of its finishes.   Over the past three years we have utilized the services of Michael James Construction.  We started with the reconstruction of the bridge that spans the creek in front of our home and an expansion of the paved parking area.  This was followed by rebuilding of the redwood entrance stairs and trellis, reconstruction of the rear deck, rails and trellis, re-flashing of most of the windows on the house, improperly installed by a previous contractor, dry rot repair in several locations on the exterior walls, replacement of cedar shingles where required, installation of a new paneled front door, installation of sheetrock and red oak railings in the interior stairway, and relocation of the return air ductwork to improve the operation of the HVAC system.  

      Michael and his crew completed each work package on time and within the agreed amounts.  One of the things that set Michael apart from other contractors we’ve worked with in the past is his knowledge of materials and details of quality construction.   He is always looking at the work to be done with an eye toward providing the desired quality at the lowest cost.  On several occasions he recommended material or detail revisions that provided the finish we required at a lower cost than we had originally discussed. 

      Of special importance to us was the way they handled the interior work.  There was genuine concern for our comfort as well as protection of our home.  The path through the house to the work site is always protected.   At the end of the day all equipment and material not incorporated into the work is removed and the area cleaned.   They did everything possible to make each day a positive, stress-free experience. 

      It has been a pleasure working with Michael and his crew over the past three years and we are extremely pleased with the results.


-Peter & Dianne Bittenbender

Bay Area, California



  Michael has done work for us over decades now, from retrofitting our three story house to remodeling our bathrooms and kitchen. I can give him the highest praise. He has always come in on budget and on occasion below. That is almost unheard of in the building industry. He was also always on time given that there are always changes which extend the time somewhat.

I continue to return to him for a number of reasons. He is trustworthy and dependable. He comes back if something that he did is not working out quite right and does not charge to fix it. He is not the cheapest nor is he the most expensive. I feel I get what I pay for with a minimum of hassle and a good attitude.

I believe if you hire him you will not be disappointed.

-Elizabeth shaughnessy
Bay Area, California







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